Water Purifier Comparison

Kent vs Pureit vs Aquaguard: Which One Is Best Water Purifier To Buy?

kent vs pureit vs aquaguard water purifier comparison

To meet the growing demand of pure drinking water there are a lot of water purifiers available in the market. It’s been a developing need to have a good water purifier at home because most urban areas are mostly reliant on bore-well water, an overhead tank that contains abnormal amounts of organic and inorganic impurities. Every water purifier comes with some special features and claims to be the best water purifier in the industry. Kent, Pureit, and Aquaguard are the leading brands of water purifier in India that comes with the purification technologies like RO, UV, and UF. Many of the models are using the combination of these purification technologies such as RO-UV, RO-UF, and RO-UV-UF.

Kent vs Pureit vs Aquaguard

We will discuss about water purifier comparison between Kent Pearl, Pureit Ultima Ex and Aquaguard Magna HD, the best-selling water purifiers in India

SpecificationsKent Pearl
Kent Pearl RO water purirfier
Pureit Ultima Ex
Pureit ultima Ex water purifier
Aquaguard Magna HD
aquaguard Magna HD RO Water purifier
Rating 4.8 4.5 4.2
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Purification TechnologyRO-UV-UFRO-UVRO-UV
InstallationWall Mounted/ Counter TopWall Mounted/ Counter TopWall Mounted/ Counter Top
Purification Capacity15 Ltr/hr 12 Ltr/hr 15 Ltr/hr
TDS Controller
Storage Capacity8 L10 L7 L
UV lamp Power11 W11 W11 W
UV Fail Alarm
Filter Change Alarm
Power Consumption60 W60 W45 W
Auto Flushing System
Dimension (L*B*H)405 X 330 X 470 mm311.5 X 360 X 486 mm215 X 316 X 462 mm
Net Weight10.8 Kg9.5 Kg8.2 Kg
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year


Kent Pearl RO-UV-UF water Purifier



Kent Pearl RO water purirfier

Kent pearl is the bestselling water purifier India as it provides 100% safe and pure drinking water. Unlike other conventional RO water purifier, Kent Pearl uses double purification of RO-UV-UF which is the best combination of purification process to deliver pure water. Kent pearl not only gives 100 pure water but its inbuilt TDS controller also retains the minerals of the water that washed away during RO process. This water purifier is decked with many hi-tech features that provide hassle free operations such as UV fail alarm, filter change alarm and auto-On and auto-off functionality. So that you will not have to struggle to drink a pure glass of water.

Pureit Ultima Ex RO-UV Water Purifier



Pureit ultima Ex water purifier

Pure Ultima EX a wall mounted/ table top water purifier from Hindustan Unilever gives pure and safe water using RO and UV purification technology. This water purifier comes with a purity indicator that constantly shows the quality of the input and output water. Pureit Ultima Ex RO water purifier comes with germ kill kit that is used to kill the germs and bacteria. It also has an advanced alert system that notifies if there is a need to replace germ kill kit. The compact design of this water purifier looks good and suits your modular kitchen.

Aquaguard Magna HD RO-UV Water Purifier



aquaguard Magna HD RO Water purifier

Aquaguard Magna is one of the bestselling water purifiers from Eureka Forbes. It uses the purification technology of RO-UV to provide your pure water to drink. The wall mounted and counter-top installation of this water purifier suits your kitchen and allows you to install it as per your convenience. It comes with advanced Mineral Cartridge and Biotron cartridge provides a sweet taste of the water by adding minerals. It can purify the water coming from any source. However, the storage capacity of the water purifier is quite low as compared to the other RO water purifiers. Many customers also complain about the poor after sales support from the company.


However, all the three water purifier are good but Kent water purifier has received highest positive reviews from all the customers. When it comes to the price there is a slight difference between the prices of these water purifiers. You can also buy water purifiers from some online stores to get discounted price. Now you know the water purifier comparison between Kent, Pureit, and Aquaguard. So, bring the best water purifier for your home stay protected from water-borne diseases.

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