Water Purifier Review: Kent Supreme With 0% Water Wastage Technology

Kent Supreme Review- Best Water Purifie


We all know that drinking pure water is necessary for us to maintain a healthy life. Everything from air to water and food is being contaminated and it gives rise to different hurtful ailments. Water is the first thing that has been contaminated so badly and alone it is responsible for 80% of diseases caused to the human being. In such situation, water purifier plays a vital role in providing pure and safe water because it can remove all the harmful impurities from and let you drink pure and safe water. In this article, we will read about Kent supreme review and will discuss its features and specifications.

Kent Supreme Review

As there is a wide range of water purifier available in the market it is hard to choose the best water purifier. To make sure you drink pure water all the times, Kent has introduced Kent Supreme which is a wonderful water purifier with double purification technology. During purification of water, more than half of the water gets wasted and drained out which you may have experienced many-a-times. Thus, to overcome this, Kent has launched this amazing water purifier with 0% water wastage technology which makes it the World’s First No Water Wastage RO Water Purifier.

Kent Supreme is an elegant wall mountable water purifier with an alluring transparent cover that perfectly suits the kitchen and spares costly counter space. The material used in the construction of this water purifier is of non-breakable food-safe ABS plastic that explains about its durability.

Kent Supreme RO Water Purifier

Features of Kent Supreme

Let us discuss some of the special features of Kent Supreme that makes this water purifier a widely chosen one:

No Water Wastage Technology

In regular RO water purifier, you would find that a large amount of water gets drained out, as a result, you get only a little pure water recovered during filtration. Kent supreme comes with an innovative and patented technology that offers no water wastage. It comes with dual storage tank with 9 litres for storing purified water and 9 litres for storing raw water. Here the waste water is gathered and can be used for cleaning purpose rather than letting it drained out like other conventional RO water purifier.

Double Purification by RO-UV-UF with TDS Controller

To make sure you drink pure and healthy water, Kent Supreme RO water purifier comes with the patented mineral RO technology. With the double purification process (RO-UV-UF) it removes each and every impurity from the drinking water like chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides etc.  Since water also contains minerals that are washed away during RO process, Kent supreme comes with TDS controller to retain those natural essential minerals.

Fully Automatic with Computer Controlled Operations

All the features of this water purifier are computer programmed with UV fail and filter change alarm. The alarm will notify you to change the filters and UV lamp when both get inefficient. This water purifier has inbuilt auto flushing system that automatically washes the surface of the RO membrane and expels the salt deposit. This functionality helps in maintaining the longer life of the RO membrane. It is also equipped with auto-on and auto off functions which automatically detects when to start and stop the purification process depending upon the water level of the storage tank. Hence all these features make Kent Supreme a fully automatic water purifier which does not require any manual intervention.

Suitable For Any Type of Water

With Kent Supreme RO water purifier you don’t need to worry about the water supply as this water purifier can purify water coming from any source such as bore-well, overhead tanks, municipal water supply etc. The inbuilt TDs controller of Kent Supreme RO water purifier also allows you to adjust the TDS level of the purified water according to your preferences.

In-built Voltage Stabilizer

Kent Supreme comes with an inbuilt SMPS so you don’t need to buy extra voltage stabilizer. The inbuilt SMPS empowers the purifier to remain constant during any voltage fluctuations which is a very common problem in India.


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Kent Supreme RO water Purifier

Specification of Kent Supreme RO Water Purifier

  • Dual Storage tank of 9 litres each
  • 11 Watt high-intensity UV lamp
  • Leakage proof performance by push-fit component
  • Spin Welded RO membrane to prevent tampering and improve RO membrane life
  • High purification production rate of 15 litre/hour
  • NSF and WQA certified

Final Words

Water is life and drinking pure water helps in maintaining a good health. Therefore be wise to select the best water purifier for your home. Kent Supreme RO Water purifier is decked with most advanced water purification technology which makes it the leading water purifier in the market. Therefore it is hard to have such an amazing water purifier as a second choice.





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