Water Purifier Comparison

Comparison between Pureit Marvella & Livpure Touch 2000 plus RO Water Purifier

Comparing water purifier

Understanding the importance of water purifier for pure drinking water is one step forward to live better and healthy lifestyle. However choosing the right water purifier might be difficult for you. Comparing water purifier plays a vital role in overcoming such situation. In this article, we will showcase the comparison between Pureit Marvella and Livpure Touch 2000 plus so that you can understand which one is best for you and that meets all your requirement.

Whenever someone decides to buy a smartphone, almost every person reads some basic details about the product, which includes brand, features, model customer support and so on. But when it comes to buying water purifier you should also look for all the details. Buying water purifier require more attention after all your family heath will be dependent on it. You must be truly sure about the water purifier that you bring to your home is highly capable of protecting your loved ones from the harmful consequences of impure water.

There is no doubt about it that water purifier comparison is the important task you need to do before buying a water purifier for home. Since there is such a large number of water purifier available in the market and it may be little confusing to choose the best amongst all.

However, There are many criteria for comparing water purifier, but what is most important is you must know exactly which type of water purifier you want to purchase. For doing so, it is very significant to understand the quality of the water supplied to your home.

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Make sure the water purifier is removing all type of impurities

Your tap water contains a lot of impurities, which can bring about many harmful ailments. A good water purifier must be highly capable of removing all those impurities. For a water purifier it is not possible to remove all the impurities with the same purification process, therefore, the best water purifiers are equipped with different stages of the purification process that is the combination of the RO, UV & UF. Such water purifier is known as a universal water purifier.

RO process is used to remove the dissolved salts such as heavy metals, toxic chemicals etc. UV Process is used to kill the harmful microorganism present in water. To wash away the dead bodies of those microorganisms UF filtration process is used. Thus, the combination of these Purification process is ideal for delivering the pure drinking water.

Few things to keep in while comparing water purifier


  • Storage Capacity: It allows you to have access to pure drinking water in the absence of electricity
  • Ease of operation: The water purifier must be easy and simple to use.
  • TDS Controller: Ability to retain the essential minerals of the water, which are required by our body
  • Alarms: Water purifier must be equipped with filter change alarm or UV fail alarm to notify when there is a need to change the same
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: You should know how much water a water purifier can purify in a day

Created with Compare Ninja

Created with Compare Ninja

Though, both the models are best to be used in homes but it totally depends on the taste and the preferences of the customers what they want to buy.

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