Aquaguard Geneus 7 liters RO + UV +UF Water Purifier Review

Aquaguard Geneus RO water purifier review

Water-borne diseases have become a serious concern in the country and this is because of drinking contaminated water. Impure water has high concentrations of iron, fluoride, and arsenic which can cause diseases like diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever and many others diseases. If you want to stay protected from waterborne diseases, it is very important that you consume clean and pure drinking water. But, how to drink pure water when the supplied water that you receive polluted? Well, it is possible only when you have an RO water purifier installed at your home. However, as there are many brands of water purifiers available in the market choosing the right purifier would be difficult. So, to help you out here’s a detailed review of Aquaguard Geneus, which is one of the best- selling RO water purifiers in the market.

About Aquaguard Geneus RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Providing access to clean and mineral-rich drinking water is the forte of Aquaguard Geneus. It is one of the best RO based water purifiers on the market. In addition to RO, UV, UF purification technology, the purifier also comes with Biotron technology that breaks down the water molecules into fine microclusters. This will ensure that your body absorbs all the essential nutrients and you drink pure and clean water.

Aquagauard Geneus Features

Some of the features of this water purifier are:

  • Tasteguard: The water purifier comes with unique technology that senses optimum purification process and filters out the impurities according to the source of water.
  • Intelligent Sensor: The advance sensor added in this water purifier warns you when it needs maintenance or the cartridges need replacement. The genuine membrane sensor warns you if there is any duplicate membrane in the water purifier
  • Smart Auto Fill: This feature ensures the water gets filled automatically in the storage tank. This will make sure that you don’t run out of healthy drinking water.
  • High Storage Capacity: Aquaguard Geneus comes with a 7-liter in-built storage tank, which is best for a small family of 4 to 5 people.
  • Led Display: The water purifier comes with a user-friendly LED display that shows the water level in the storage tank.
  • BiotronTM: This RO water purifier also comes with cutting-edge BiotronTM Technology that de-clusters water molecules, thereby making water more “bio-available”. This feature adds nutrients and makes the water healthy.

 Some Other Technical Features of Aquaguard Geneus:

  • Installation Type: Wall-Mounted/Table-Top
  • Water Flow: 15 Liters/Hour
  • UV Lamp: 11 Watts
  • Power Consumption: 45 Watts
  • Life of UV Lamp: 5000 Burning hours

The water purifier has all the features required for an RO water purifier. The purifier is available at Rs. 24, 490, which is quite expensive. You can also search it on e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon to compare the price before purchasing. Now, the question is, do you think you need to pay such a huge amount to buy an RO water purifier? Well, there are many other water purifier brands like KENT, Livpure, Pureit and etc. that has a wide range of RO purifiers. Some of these water purifiers can be purchased at budget-friendly prices. Besides, with the same purification technology of RO+UV+UF you can also opt for KENT Grand+, which is available at Rs. 16,400 and with a higher storage capacity of 8 liters

So, bring home the best RO water purifier after comparing the products available online.

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